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Controlled Spontaneity Redux

The ritual framework, far from limiting those who know how to use it, allows paradigms to change. Scientists and lawyers are trained ritualers who excel where the rules are the toughest. But ritualing is not just for professionals…

Keys to Becoming Lucky Beyond Belief! (Super Good Luck Made Super Easy)

Good Luck (in fact, measurable good luck) is not a matter of rabbit’s feet, 4 leaf clovers or horseshoes…but an extension of consciousness. The luckiest people you know (those you “wish” you could be like, and have what they do) have an instinctive Good Luck inciting mind-set subconsciously lodged. That’s WHY they are always so lucky! YOU can learn to develop this same kind of mind-set. Yes — the Super Good Luck activating mind-set.

The Will to Do

Most things are possible. The more difficult the task the greater the reward. The price we pay is not in money, but in effort.

Anthony Robbins Power Talk Review

Anthony Robbins it one of the worlds most recognized self help and success coaches. Learn more about Tony Robbins and his series called Power Talk.

For This Race, Where is Your Finish Line?

Do you know where your finish line is when you start a project? Or do you just start and hope to figure out where you are going as a work in progress?

Is Reality a Perception Or Truth?

In order to explain this basis of thinking, one must first consider one’s position. Obviously, understanding plays a great part in perceiving the basics for comprehending the experiences in life. If life is only a perception then what is that not perceived? I cannot form a conclusion of that which I don’t know or experience.

How to Expand Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Your Goals

As a motivation keynote speaker, I often talk about comfort zones. In fact, along with achieving goals, comfort zones represent one of my favorite topics to speak about. When you hear or see the term ‘comfort zone’, one can easily visualize a very comfortable sofa in your living room.

How to Be a Strong Woman

Want to find out what it takes to learn how to be a strong woman? Here are 3 important steps you can take to learn how to become a strong woman and live the life you deserve!

Where Would I Be?

Had God created me a man, where would I be? Had God gave me different parents, siblings, environment, where would I be? Would I be different?

My Why – An Old Coach’s Brief Autobiography

In order to understand anyone’s work completely, you have to know what motivates and drives them to do what they’ve done. Here’s my answer to those who question what I have done.

Make Fast Money Legally Starting Right Now!

A Road Called “Someday” Leads to a Town Called “Nowhere.” Make fast money legally starting RIGHT NOW! Saying “tomorrow” is easy, but saying “right now” is powerful! And once you’re making great money, your life will get a heck of a lot easier! Procrastination WILL KILL YOU! Now is the only time you have. Why not use it to set yourself up for success? Make fast money legally, and make great money for the rest of your life. Do it NOW!

Ritual Versus Routine

Ritual has such a poor reputation that we don’t dare use the word in its true sense. It’s okay to talk about our morning ritual of coffee and the paper, but if we talk about ritual and transformation we are likely to get strange looks from our friends.

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