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Earn More Money & Bring Value to the Marketplace – Invest in Yourself

Did you know you are self-employed? More than 153 million people are in the U.S. workforce. And they’re all self-employed. You have one employee: yourself. You sell one product in the market place:

It’s in the “Can”

“Can’t” should be a word that you just avoid at all costs. Don’t even let yourself think along those lines. You may choose not to do a particular thing at a given time, but it is likely not because you couldn’t do it if you were to give it your effort. Maybe won’t is a better alternative, but even then it seems like you’re just ducking out on yourself. Selling yourself way too short.

Become Your Own Best Friend

I know, you all have already heard “we were born alone, and will die alone”. Yes it is true. So why not take the opportunity of the time you are spending on Earth, in this body, in these conditions to get to know who you really are and become your own best friend? Learning how to know yourself and love yourself is not taught in our western societies.

Quotes and Sayings Are Great Motivators

The article describes the motivational capacity of quotes and sayings. It also briefly examines why people and companies use short mottoes, slogans, vision and other statements.

The Power of Enthusiasm – It Can Make a Real Difference

Enthusiasm gives you power, and it can change your life. It can bring joy into your life and give it meaning. It can help you succeed. Indeed, without it, your chances of real success are limited. But strangely, few people have it — even though it’s there for everyone.

Different Strategies For Being More Motivated

For one person motivation could be that perfect song that cheers you up on your off day, for another it could be holding a new born baby. It could be listening to your favourite audio or sitting reading a great book. The list of motivators goes on and on, no way is wrong nor in the same breath right.

What Motivates the Typical Online Entrepreneur?

The typical online entrepreneur generally works in a very competitive environment & alone, which calls for a lot of self motivation! Obviously those who succeed online have mastered the ‘art form’ of learning how to motivate themselves! Read further to see the 3 most common reasons entrepreneurs use when learning how to motivate themselves in order to succeed online.

Motivation – Work at Home

Many of us have dreams of starting our own home businesses. There are many options to chose from, and the internet opened up hundreds if not thousands of avenues that we can follow. It might be that you are talented at making a certain product with you hands, but it all boils down to one thing.

Motivation – Falling Off the Wagon

Whenever we encounter difficulties in our lives, the subject of motivation or positive thinking comes up. Now I do believe that positive thinking is very important, but without the right amount of motivation even thinking doesn’t happen smoothly.

Motivation – Love Your Significant Other

It is hard to ever beat the first date, first kiss or the first moment we meet someone that we instantly fall in love with. The follow up dates tend to still be great, and might amplify our original feeling but that is only until the novelty of having something new wears off.

Why You Cannot Succeed Without Motivation

People often wonder why they have trouble climbing up the ladder of success. The answer is often because they are not motivated. It may be because they are not using the God given talent within them. They often go after the first job that comes alone, without considering if it fits their abilities. Unless you are using your passion you will struggle to succeed.

The Importance of Competition

Competition is sometimes regarded as a bad thing, but it can provide the valuable motivation to focus and discover the extra skills needed to succeed. It can reinforce self belief and the tenacity to continue and challenge oneself to achieve important results. Competition also often provides the extra determination to continue, long after we may have given up without it.

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