YOU VS YOU – Motivational Speech

The Importance of Self Motivation

Without self motivation, we have a hard time dreaming or fantasizing about something new. Any time you want to make changes in your life, you have to tap into your self-motivation to do it. While we can rely on personal growth or self improvement DVDs, books, and speakers, in the end, the motivation to do what it takes has to come from within us.

The Meaning of Your Life

If you’re looking for an end to the path of life you’re missing the boat. Life is the EXPERIENCE of LIVING. The journey IS the meaning. The guy at bat is about to slam a ball your way that takes a bad hop right into your throat, and you fall. Your friends gather around you, laughing of course, and later you talk about it over a beer. The child gives you 18 wonderful years, then leaves you to yourself again. If you experience it all fully, you’ve done well. If you’re looking for the end of the rainbow, Dorothy, you’ll discover that you’ve been home all along

3 Critical Steps to Strengthen Your Motivation

There are times in all of our lives when our motivation level may be low. We could all use a motivational boost every once in a while. Below you’ll find some useful tips and advice to strengthen your motivation.

Why Failing Can Improve Your Chances For Success

Failing can improve your chances for success, when you look at “failure” or “rejection” or “no” as a stepping stone to success. If life has given you failure, life has also moved you one step closer to success. Seeing the gift of wisdom in every “failure” is, in and of itself, success.

Time – A Hot Commodity

We live in an abundant era. Notice this as you enter a grocery store. We are greeted by a variety of produce, baking, meats, packaged and frozen foods, and a selection of dairy products. We are rich in the selection of foods and have the luxury of choices. We can buy anything. In fact, if we really want anything, we can buy it. But this is not entirely true, because there is one thing that we all want, yet we cannot buy. That thing is a commodity called time.

Preparing for Change – The Shudokan Way

Maybe you have heard the saying that “you are what you eat”. Well more importantly we need to understand that before anything else, we are what we think. The thoughts that we allow to occupy our mind will ultimately define who we are. The seeds that we sew in our subconscious will have a direct impact on the thoughts that occupy our mind.

How to Stay Motivated at Work When Challenged By an Emotional Issue

Waking up with a feeling of dread or apprehension, you can’t quite put your finger on what feels wrong. You have a great deal to accomplish at work today and yet you can’t focus. Maybe you constantly replay scenarios in your head of something that has bothered you recently. You are mentally drained. What can you do to stay motivated at work when challenged by a highly charged, emotional issue?

How to Prevent Procrastination – 4 Tips to Set Your Self Free!

Now we all experience procrastination at times, like we are not feeling very well, we feel little bit of stuck and can’t move forward with what ever we are doing. Now there are few reasons why, procrastination comes about. The main reason is: Fear.

How to Obtain True Happiness

Everyone is looking for true happiness. Many of us are looking in the wrong places.

3 Key Terms That Will Help You Get Out Of That Rut

Not to underestimate real psychological issues, but so many people these days say they are down or depressed. Often we are just stuck and don’t know how to get out of the rut. This article will cover 3 simple terms and will put things in perspective on how to get out of the rut and start living fully.

The Top 3 Reasons People Fail To Come Up With Motivation

Do you want to learn how you can unleash your inner motivation at any moment you wish? If you do, read this article to discover the 3 reasons people fail to come up with motivation and use the principle to help you to tap into your inner source of motivation at any moment you want.

Why Must People Leave?

Why do many people leave organizations and relationships suddenly with no apparent explanation? There is a reason. The reason is because people wish to protect the organization which they have previously harmed and they wish to protect it from further harm.

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