YOU WILL NOT BE DEFEATED – Motivational Speech

What Trips Your Trigger? And Why Does it Matter?

Do you find yourself doing things you don’t want to do, don’t like to do and know are not good for you? But at the same time, you find that the things you long to do and that you know are the best for you and your life seem to fall by the wayside. What a paradox! Why are we geared that way?

No Other Way – Only Good Can Come From This

What would be different if you knew that your life at this moment is perfect? That your power is in the present, your power is now? NOW is a beautiful acronym for “No Other Way,” a poem of the same name written years ago by New Thought writer Martha Smock. Your life and what you are experiencing now could be no other way. All of your previous moments of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors and actions brought you to the present.

Everyone is Given a Special Chance

Now, if others did not succeed on a certain field or opportunity, it doesn’t mean that you will have same experience if you pursued it. Always remember that everyone is given a special chance!

Self-Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs – How to Avoid It

It is said that if we redistributed equally among the population all the money available in the world, in less than five years, almost everyone would be financially right back where they were before. Earning money is not all that hard but believing that we deserve that money certainly is. It may sound unbelievable but it’s the truth.

The Cherishable, Transcendent “Upclimbing” Will – That “Will” Will Reward You

We view a specimen ascribed beauty or beastliness and it’s so largely the will that controls us–pruning with invisible secateurs, even as we decide. The will controls our destiny.

4 Steps to Preventing Overload

It is always good to pace yourself. Don’t wait until a bunch of tasks or projects piles up. Keep a running list of all the tasks/projects that are your responsibility.

Creative Group Genius

Check-out the article below where I speak to what amazing magic happens as a result of being part of a support network – personally and professionally – that will consistently remind you of your greatness – and how so much gets done when great minds and hearts collaborate and create to help each other help more people. Ahh Authenticity – that was certainly one of the words that floated around the ‘Rose Room’ at the Colony Hotel this weekend – where I led a Creative Business Retreat workshop with an amazing group of creative female entrepreneurs.

Neo Versus the Architect in “The Matrix – Reloaded”

Every scene in The Matrix trilogy is breathtaking, but this particular one at the end of the second movie says a lot about us as human beings and the range of emotions we’re capable of. Recall that Neo has a rendezvous with The Architect of the Matrix; a seemingly futile interlude, where the hope of the world is about to be destroyed, if we believe the Architect.

A Must Have to Propel Your Life Forward

Recognize the big mind shift, which is needed to propel you and your business forward. I had a security blanket. What is your security blanket?

Take Control of Your Life Today

You can make time, you can set goals and focus your mind on achieving them no matter how big or scary they may seem and the absolute kicker of this business called life is that you can be happy and calm and even enjoy every moment along the way. If you choose to. Living with happiness, success and prosperity is a choice. Living with fear, angst, envy, misery and panic is also a choice.

A Fresh Chance, Each Day – You Can Achieve Anything

Think about it. Every day we wake, perhaps from the effects of the previous day’s problems… hung over, dry mouth, headache, a bloated distended belly, reeking of stale cigarette smoke, sluggish from lack of exercise, irritable. We must hate it. There must be a better way of living, surely.

Motivating the Un-Motivated

Some people just don’t want to be motivated, and they will take any excuse the world has to offer to avoid having to work hard, or to take action. With these are hard cases it is very difficult if you are a mentor, a parent, a teacher, or a manager to get motivate such folks to off their butts to do something. The reality is that people are motivated to do things that they like to do, things that they find enjoyable, or things that pique their curiosity.

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