YOU WILL NOT OUTWORK ME – Motivational Speech

Are You Motivated and Taking Care of Business?

As winter moves slowly along, many people find that their business lags as well. For some, the endless days of gloom affect their ability to get motivated. Some are still trying to recover from the frantic pace of the holidays.

Building Self Confidence – Simple Ways to Build Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is that positive feeling that one can achieve what he or she wants. It is always subjective upon a persons, perception. To others, the more confidence one has, the more likely he will succeed.

Life is a Game Without Rules

You know you are free to live and enjoy your life when you love what you do. The moment you start doing what you love, you never work again. Life is your game, and there are no rules, unless you allow differently.

Conquering the Many Great Hills of Life

Nelson Mandela once said, “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” How do we rationalize more hills when we’ve just conquered a massive one?

Procrastinators Paradise – Too Much to Do?

Well maybe not a Procrastinator’s Paradise exactly, but the absolutely cast iron guarantee of why you never get anything done. It’s easy to procrastinate when frankly you have got too much on your plate. Realistically you know that you can’t do everything on your to do list and yet you keep adding things to it, and making sure that your chances of completing any one of them just dropped another notch. Why do you do it?

Arguing With My Son – The Life Lesson I Learned That Could Help You and Your Business

My son and I recently had a “discussion” about cleaning his room. I have thought about it a lot since and realized that I don’t live the principle I was trying to teach him. Do you? If not, you and your business will get better once you start.

Ideas Mean Nothing Without Action

So you have this awesome idea for something new that you just know that people would love. It could be an idea for a fantastic book (or even a whole series of books), an incredible movie, a unique and original video game, or an innovative invention that would make many people’s lives easier and better.

Why You Have to Want It

No matter how often you watch the movie The Secret or read a book on the subject, you will not get something by sitting on your sofa handling your remote control and thinking great thoughts. It never has and never will be, just like Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (who is by the way in the movie mentioned) said in an interview.

There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

“There’s nothing new under the sun” is a commonly used phrase in the fields of psychology and self-help. It means that most every theory or philosophy has been studied, researched, and then presented to the masses in one form or another, some for hundreds of years. Authors and experts interpret these theories and integrate their insights and opinions, but the core information remains virtually the same.

The Worth of Your Personal Purpose

The meaning of our life is closely related to the personal purpose we discover in it, most certainly one larger than oneself. In the course of our life, we never stop looking for who we truly are, for our reason for being; it is our way of being the leaders of what we may become. We are as big inside as our world is outside, and we look without end for the next frontier on self-improvement and self-knowledge.

Just Stop, Drop and Roll

If you’re ready to live with passion, and rekindle the inner “fire”…then take action right now, and show the rest of the world how you ROLL. The sooner that you get started, the sooner that you will achieve something extraordinary.

Ordinary People Accomplishing Extraordinary Things

You hold them high on a pedestal, look up to them and strive to be like them. They are fearless and flawless and have the best-known insight that one could ever imagine. They have a powerful and irresistible effect on you.

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