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The Triple-Dog Dare – Whoa

Sometimes we get stuck. Whether in life or business, sometimes we need a kick in the pants. Someone to throw at us the ultimate dare. There’s no turning back from the Triple-Dog Dare!

Setting Goals the SMART Way

A simple mnemonic device such as SMART can help a lot in setting goals and working towards the achievement of these goals. Goals should not be vague but rather as detailed as possible.

Beat That Bad Day

When people ask me how I am, and I am not feeling so good, I normally say, “God is good all the time”. Really, God remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is good even if I don’t feel good.

The Social Brains Of Teenagers

Most people who read my articles are in the business of working with folks in some stage of adolescence. You may work with young people who are just entering their teenage years or you may be like me, working with young people trying to navigate the time between adolescence and adulthood.

How To Recover From A Loved One Lost To Cancer

A selection of tips on how to recoup from the death of a cancer patient in the family which was shared by cancer alternative treatment centers. Cancer is among the leading causes of death in many countries.

Motivation’s Three E Consequences

Motivation is an exciting topic; apart from leading to the three Ps of Performance, Productivity and Profit, motivation is what we need in life independently of whether we perform better. I like to say that my two cats have low IQs, small knowledge and a limited skills repertoire that always seem to remain the same. Yet despite that they have a marvellous life in our home and in our garden because they are always highly motivated – to relax, to exercise and even to sleep! What, then, are the three Es that motivation is correlated with? First, motivation is about the E of Engagement whether this is on an organisational, team or individual level. And this is obvious: when we are motivated we become involved, absorbed in what we are doing – we become engaged in what we are doing. Engagement strategies that are all the rage at the moment, especially in the USA and Canada, are good in themselves but frequently they are too generic to be truly effective at the organisational level.

The 7 Secrets Of Inspiring Coaches

If my team is still loving volleyball and enjoying coming into the gym every day at the end of the season, I feel like I’ve done my job well. If they’re still working hard, achieving, getting better, and excelling… I’m a happy coach. Here are seven ways to make sure that’s happening.

Words Of Motivation: Be Inspired At Home

There is no doubt that there are wonderful authors, speakers, successful business people and even a few celebrities (such as Will Smith) who have great positive messages to share. I would always advocate listening to the right leaders and immersing yourself in their books and speeches but we all have positive influences closer to home if we know where to look.

Are Optimists Better Coaches?

Our players are looking to us for inspiration. Where do I think I fall on the coach spectrum? I’m an optimist… for better or worse. It’s in my DNA to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Of course, I will game plan to figure out a way to get the glass full instead of just half full… but I’m generally more positive than negative with my team. Check out five ways we can get the most from our athletes.

3 Vital Ingredients Required For Motivation

Motion in life is going to be either in a positive, growth direction or in a negative, de-motivating direction. At least in theory, most people want to keep growing and developing. There are 3 essential factors that are required to have motivation in a positive direction.

Lessons From the 2012 NBA Championship and LeBron James

There are a couple of ways to view LeBron and his “rout” against Oklahoma City during the 5th game of the NBA championship finals last night: A passing, maybe even trivial, event in the deluge of media events or to look  deeper into the reason why James stated that it was his failures-the losses of the last 2 years that impelled him toward this win. And if you choose the latter view, there are lessons that apply to you and to me.

What Is Your Birthday Gift for Bapu?

The ocean is very restless. Its restlessness, surprisingly, is never unsettling; it is peaceful. It is inspiring. So is your life. A few of your photographs, your actions, your speeches, shows to me a restless soul.

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