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Personal and Professional Development – 7 Simple Tips to Build Foundational Growth

When discussing professional and personal development, personal accountability seems to be a phrase left out of the self growth plan. The seven simple tips written in this article are the basic boundaries to help strengthen your self-growth foundation.

Motivation Therapy With Brain Entrainment – Binaural Beats Download

Do you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, and that your life has more potential than is being realised? Motivation therapy with brain entrainment is the key to unlocking doors of limitless possibilities. A binaural beats download has been proven to re-shape the psychology of the mind through a variety of entrainment frequencies, which can over time, alter the anatomical structure of the brain, so that newly acquired, positive states of mind become ingrained into one’s being.

Basic Daily Routine

While I was a drill instructor for the United States Marine Corps, I was introduced to the term of the Basic Daily Routine or the BDR for short. The BDR was essentially a routine that was conducted on a daily basis. No matter what was actually on the training schedule for that day, the BDR was applicable. The BDR in essence was a series of tasks or activities to accomplish to get the recruits ready for the events of the day.

Mental Detox: How to Cleanse Your Mind of Negativity

Just as you might decide to fast from certain foods during a body detox, you can decide to fast from negative thought patterns as part of your mental detox plan. Other strategies like journaling, working with a therapist or life coach, or simply talking with a trusted friend may be part of your personal mental detox program. See how you can start your mental detox today.

I Want Today to Be Different

How many days have gone by where you are stuck in the same old swamp of negative thinking and/or negative habits? Is it possible to make a turnaround? How? What can you do to inspire yourself to make today different?

Risk Taking in the Slow Lane

When life overwhelms us and stress contributes to becoming painfully unhappy and disorganized, and this leads to procrastination and all other kinds of “bad habits,” something’s got to give. It’s time to get serious about improving your life. Yes, “improve” implies change and change implies risk, both dreaded ideas for many people.

Our Many Life Lessons

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many life lessons we must continue to endure? Is it possible to simply live life without learning anything more than what we already do?

How To Get Motivated – Right Now

It’s difficult. Many people talk about the importance of getting motivated. But let’s be honest. Easier said than done. It can be hard just to function some days (any time something big happens in your life). But, good news. There are simpler ways to do it. You don’t need to just force yourself in order to get things done. Read on…

Do You Need a Mistress?

What? How could you ask such a question? Are you kidding me? Don’t you know that mistresses are evil? While this may be true in some circumstances, I rather prefer the title of “Mistress” and often use it in my communications.

Everybody Likes A Winner, But Everybody Does Not Always Love A Winner

Winning is a condition, not an absolute remedy for everything. What I mean by that statement is, there are different ways of winning. One way is to bring everyone up with you when you win, everyone involved with you loves that. Another way is to make everyone envy your winning, that is unhealthy and what I am getting at with the title of this article.

Inspirational Business Quotes and Their Relevance

Many inspirational materials are used by individuals as their guides. When it comes to improving business, quotes, texts and passages are sometimes integrated with the game plans and cultures of some companies. One must ask if they really do help the individual.

Why Feeling Out Of Your Depth Could Be Your Best Opportunity

If you’re feeling anxious and out of your depth because you’ve taken on something new, and because you feel you’re stepping out into the unknown, remember that all you’re doing is stepping outside of your comfort zone. This could be the best opportunity you could ask for.

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