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The Things We Take For Granted – We’ve Come So Far, But Lost Sight of So Much!

Let me tell you what I know about you.. you’re not happy. I don’t mean at this very moment or even this week… but with life in general, you’re not happy. Even if you deny this, there are times when you’re not and there will be more.

The Power of Genuinely Imaginative Living

Like an alchemist or a changeling, at any time, just by changing your stance and mind you can start the genuine process of change. All that has to be done is the productive and honest use of the imagination to create what you genuinely want. Sure, it sounds simple, but to succeed at this sort of super human task takes genuine effort that anyone must be genuinely willing to make no matter how long or short it takes.

7 Creative Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

Get rid of clutter! The Feng Shui practitioners and enthusiasts have always warned about the dangers of clutter in your life. Feelings of confusion, sluggishness and overwhelm all tend to creep into our bodies when we are in a cluttered environment.

Lessons in Staying Motivated

Motivation. It’s what drives us forward every day of our living lives. It’s what gets us up in the morning to go work, and it’s what keeps us doing everything we need to to get by. So what happens when we lose this motivation? We look at this and ways to stay motivated for longer.

To Reach Your Potential – Lower Your Standards

This notion was first introduced to me by a trainer and mentor of mine, Brian Colbert. Personally, this went against everything I believed in. Why the hell would I lower my standards – doesn’t that defeat the whole idea of looking to improve and to push your personal limits?

Are You Frustrated Or Tired of Feeling Frustrated?

Sometimes stress can lead to frustration. Other times you feel like you are bored with your life. If you are tired of being frustrated, maybe you want to check for what is going on in your life.

How to Find Your Burning Desire to Succeed

Do you have big dreams and goals you want to accomplish? If you are reading this, then the answer is most likely yes.

How to Make Your Life Truly Beautiful!

A poetic inspirational and motivational masterpiece, crafted to uplift your spirit and make your day beautiful, any day. Enjoy it!

Our Search For Perfection

Some times, trying to do everything perfect is our biggest obstacle to getting anything done. Are you letting perfectionism take over?

Top Tips to Slaying Energy Drainers

The first step to getting what you want out of your life is to create the space for it! Here are a few tips to help you do just that by slaying the energy drainers in your life once and for all!

Is Your Procrastination Hindering You in Your Internet Marketing Business Opportunity?

Developing the habit of making decisions promptly, and changing these decisions slowly if needed are the most outstanding qualities needed to be successful in your Internet Marketing business opportunity. Procrastination not only affects a potential entrepreneurs work, but also commonly involves feelings such as guilt, inadequacy, self-disgust, stress and depression.

Using Your Past to Know Your True Motives For Greater Success

How to learn insightful ideas from your past in order to discover your true desires for doing business? Knowing that will allow you to structure a business that motivates you, fulfill you dreams, and help you make a valuable contribution to the world.

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