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3 Ways to Shatter Excuses and Start Making Decisions

So many people want success, but rather than make decisions, they find excuses. What is worse is some of these people allow others to make their decisions for them. Often, the people they checked with have no dreams or goals, so they cannot support or encourage those that do. Do you let the opinions of others be the basis of making a decision? When you ask permission, you are letting someone else manage your life. If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will never go after your goals and dreams. Here are some ways that you can shatter excuses and create the life you want.

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Embrace Change

Change is not welcomed for most people, and many people find change difficult, while others fear it; yet, there are ways you can learn to embrace change. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. If we learn to adapt to changes, we are better equipped to handle them when they happen. Learning the skills to adapt to change at any age can be helpful; more importantly if you are parent, you can teach children at an early age how to embrace change, by modeling that behavior. Here are some strategies to help manage and embrace change.

Are You Ready to Quit Trying to Work Your Life Out? – Insights From The Little Prince

So many of are working on ourselves and working at improving our life. We want things to work out a particular way. But if things aren’t really working for you, are you ready to quit trying to work your life out and instead simply become present in your day? There are two fundamentally opposite ways to approach everything in life. One is a struggle, the other a flow of fulfillment.

Finding Motivation: How to Get Reinspired and Move Forward When You Don’t Feel Like Doing So

What really is motivation? Why does it go away? How do you bring it back? Despite popular belief, motivation does not lead behavior change, it follows it. Whether dieting, quitting smoking, improving relationships, or just feeling better; knowing how to bring back motivation can make a huge difference in the results one gets. This article puts it in perspective.

Put It To Work

Ask yourself how many things you know in life. A lot of things right? It’s amazing how many things we know, but how little of it that is been done.

How to Discover Your Mysterious Presence – The Little Prince Series

So many people tell me they long to be present in their everyday life-that they yearn to be able to sustain a sense of present moment awareness. All of that longing has nothing to do with actual presence. It’s just a mental concept of presence.If you find yourself asking, “How can I be more present?” you are already on a fruitless track. Presence isn’t a “how to” experience in any manner at all.

Get Up, Get Going, Do Something

Never mind how full the glass of water is, you need to be self motivated. The key word in self-motivated is “self”.

Motivational Words: Laugh About Yourself!

This article aims to motivate people to laugh about ourselves. Not only does this article explain that we should take ourselves a bit less serious, the article also explains that we should surround ourselves with humor!

A Life Lesson In Overcoming Procrastination and Laziness

A post regarding overcoming procrastination. A couple of Thursdays ago a bittersweet life lesson was passed down to me that made me consider where I would’ve been if I opted to do things in a different way. I don’t really want to seem too melodramatic because it’s not although it’s a life lesson nonetheless. Almost or about four years ago I started attending a type of martial martial arts disciplines known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I started off about the same time as my friend and as far as I can recall, I believe a had a couple of weeks ahead of him.

How to Become Rich? Don’t Just Imagine

Motivational article and motivational ideas on how to become rich and make money. It becomes more than clear that our objective of life is to become rich. Take the example of education; why the struggle to get into the best universities? The answer is obviously to get a good stable career and earn good money.

Five Easy Steps To Remain Motivated

You absolutely must know your outcome. Your why is the driving force that will keep you going when you are at your lowest ebb. Your plans are the blueprints that will show you how you are going to get from A to Z. The mastermind principle is simple, effective and absolutely vital. I firmly believed in myself and my goals. I would say that you must only rely on yourself for motivation.

The Importance of Self Correction

Once my former manager advised me, “Sometimes a carpenter forgets to sharpen his ax”. I keep this simple words in my mind until today. This eight words reminds us that many times we forget that our duty is not just doing the routine but we also have to improve.

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