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Mothering Ourselves – Nurturing Yourself, Your Dreams and the World

I’d like you to think of nurturing yourself as your responsibility. Do something truly kind for yourself. Can you buy yourself a small gift or token of gratitude and support? Also, are there people in your life that you would like to thank for their tenderness or example of kindness?

When it is All Finished, Satisfaction!

We’ve all felt it when we’ve achieved a ‘job well done.’ There’s that soaking in the moment of satisfaction. The sense of having reached goals is felt. We reflect over our work. If we can see the work in a tangible way, we admire it and possibly think how we might do it better or different next time.

How to Deal With Procrastination Today, Rather Than Putting it Off Until Tomorrow

How to deal with procrastination, when you would rather put it off for another day. Start by making a list. Keep it simple, this way you are setting yourself up for success.

Procrastination Can Kill Your Goals and Dreams

There are many ideas that come to you on a daily basis, you know you must get a hold of these ideas because it will help you accomplish your goals and dreams. You know that you should find a way to keep record of your ideas, but you just continue putting off doing the profitable thing. I have first hand information on what procrastination can do to you, if you don’t deal with it early. I trust that after you read this article, you may not be a procrastinator ever again.

Cultivating Resilience – Optimism in the Face of Misfortune

Do what you can to stay optimistic Remember that it’s not personal – you played a role in a system that is collapsing. It’s only your role that has changed or been eliminated: You are still whole and here.

It’s Better Going it Blind

There are times in life when we experience changes we do not understand. Job loss, the loss of a close friendship, etc., such things create emotional burdens. The emotional burdens are so heavy until we begin to feel drained. We feel lost and confused with no idea of the next step to take in our lives. To put it simply, we feel as if we are walking through life blind.

Are You in Love With What You Do?

I am in the midst of teaching a brand-new course that is full of content, strategies, tips and resources to help female entrepreneurs unlock their hidden value and learn how to charge what they’re worth so they can finally enjoy their businesses that are filled with passion, purpose and profit! And I’m totally in love with the process of designing and teaching the course and having the opportunity to bring other women “behind the curtain” with me and share what I’ve learned not only about entrepreneurial success, but about, pure, authentic, soul-based entrepreneurial success…

Suggestions For Building Self-Motivation From a Non-Expert

The current economic situation has generated a great deal of stress and anxiety for many people. This can result in a loss of desire to achieve even the simplest of goals. Self-motivation is key, especially during times like these.

Motivation in the Form of Humility

Are you having trouble getting your employees to perform menial tasks? Here’s a true story of one successful approach.

Why You Need to Change to Become Wealthy

Sometimes we love change and sometimes we hate it. In fact some of us love to change and others fear it. Why is change difficult for many of us? Because change makes us move out of our comfort zones. It takes courage to leave something familiar and try something new. But to become a successful investor you are going to need to change

De-Bunking Some Popular Self-Help Theories

The idea that you can tell what your subconscious thoughts are by just looking around you is very scary. Did you actually attract everything into the life you are now living. Can that be true. How can anyone really know? Is the law of attraction for real or just a myth …

The Most Afflicted Can Become the Most Blessed

The worse that happens, the best can result, eventually. Looking back on matters, it doesn’t seem to make much sense, but the right response to difficult problems in life is what makes all the difference; and Psalm 119 concurs. We all have troubles, distresses, tumults, afflictions…

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