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Overcoming Addictions

Addictions are a hurdled that can be overcome – much like any battle. There are lessons from karate and zen that apply – to help anyone get past their personal demons.

The Cove, Ric O’Barry and Passion

Why do some people succeed while others don’t? This article is about passion.

Getting Motivated To Exercise!

Get yourself motivated towards going to the gym with a few easy tips. The vast majority of people who sign up for gym memberships waste their money by only going for a short while and don’t see out the first year. What a waste of money. Follow my 9 easy tips to getting motivated to exercise.

The Birth of Motivation

It is the life of human being that teaches how to live. You have to master the art of living. Your parents have taught you how to lead a smooth, cool life. But it is you who have to sail it after your own will. You have to fulfill everything that life demands.

6 Stages to Goal Achievement

Have you ever hit a deadline or the date when a goal was to be met – and you missed it? It feels awful doesn’t it? If you feel responsible or accountable, you might start tearing yourself apart finding fault with what you did, how you did it, second guessing what you could have done differently.

Changing Gears To Stay Well

Change is so unsettling. Our comfortable routine is a hindrance to moving forward because we let fear of change rule our decisions.

Use Heroes for Motivation

I just finished reading “Tarzan: The Lost Adventure” by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Joe R. Lansdale. While it was not exactly the same hero created by Burroughs that I devoured as a youth, it was nice to read this new adventure tale about a hero that helped me through tough times more than once. No, the mythical god-like Tarzan didn’t magically appear to assist me in times of trouble or turmoil, but thinking of what Tarzan would do, or how he wouldn’t quit, helped me find the inner fortitude and determination to see certain difficulties through to the end.

Getting Unstuck and Moving Towards Empowerment

Feeling stuck is dis-empowering and prefaced by dis-empowering thoughts. Compounded by the fact that stuck feels like it is never going to get better, that something external has a grip on you so tight – keeping you small and in an “icky-sticky” place.

Window Shopping – Is It Good Or Bad?

For me the definition of window shopping is when we are out and about, seeing what is out there and on display. By its very nature, we are not in a position to partake of any of the things we see, either the shop is closed or we are just titillating our palates. But is window shopping good or bad?

Purpose: 10 Power Thoughts On The Discovery of Purpose

The issue of purpose needs to be addressed by everyone who desires to live a satisfying and significant live. Purpose give meaning to an otherwise ordinary existence. Ignorance on this subject leads to dissatisfaction, disgruntlement and maybe even disillusionment. There’s definitely more to life than what you are experiencing. I remember when my eyes were first opened to the fact that I’m not on earth by accident but I am part of a greater plan of God. Therefore I must make my contribution to humanity whilst I am here on earth.

How to Become an Extrovert? Be Gregarious

Motivational idea, motivational advice and motivational speech. There are two types of personalities, extroverts and introverts. Nobody can judge which one is better. However, in today’s world where communicating and interacting with people is a must, many people are trying to become more and more extrovert in nature.

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