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Spirituality Information – Can I Show You How You Can Get God Working For You?

My little son asks me crazy questions but they make a lot of spiritual sense to me. The other night when i was reading the famous Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ to him he very curiously asked me ” Appa(Dad) Which school did Krishna(revered Hindu God) go to ? Which company did he work for?

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This articles expresses all the reasons we should be do our best. We should use our gifts, talents and abilities to enhance the whole of mankind. We should stay in step with time because it will continue to march on.

Never Fail to Dream

Do not stop dreaming. It’ll cost nothing to dream and everything if you do not. If you’re in fear ofnot dreaming,try dreaming the impossible dream. That is sure to keep you occupied for the rest of your life. I will always dream the impossible dream but I know having my trust in the Dream Maker cancels out impossibilities.

Finding Your Life’s Passion

Each of us are born with gifts and talents. How do we find what those talents are?

Stuck Like Glue

Standing still or spinning your wheels is only going to get you one place – exactly where you are right now. And really, how is that working for you? Instead, do something new – here’s how.

Conquering Your Fear

Fear has been a word that so many people dread to talk about. It has cut short so many destinies and has made a lot of people live below their potentials. If you have been fearful and you need a solution, then this article will surely help you out.

Are You A Loser? What Do You Do That Winners Don’t?

“Winners do what losers don’t.” Successful people are willing to do what the unsuccessful were unwilling to do.


Alignment energizes you completely-

Is There Greatness Within You? The Secret and Powerful Motivation of Getting Past Effectiveness

There are two and only two paths you can use to attain greatness. They are here.

A Hard Day… and then Work All Night and Weekend on Your Dreams… A Nightmare?

You work all day and it’s a HARD day. You come home. You cook for the kids. You cut the lawn. You do the laundry. You clean the house. You trim the shrubs… and now it’s time to work on your dreams? Let’s FIX that RIGHT NOW.

Don’t Take It Personally? Take it REALLY Personally Because It’s the Great Motivator of Greatness

How often have you heard someone tell you “not to take it personally”? This is often the disclaimer given when negative or insulting comments are being spoken about you. You may be tempted to attempt to dismiss negative comments simply because they conflict with the image you would like to have of yourself. While you can’t mindlessly believe everything a person says about you either, you might want to selectively absorb pieces of information and use them as fuel for motivation.

The Motivated Mind a Disciplined Mind

Motivation Meets Self Discipline in the Achieving Person. Here are the tips you need to make it all happen.

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