YOU’VE COME TOO FAR TO QUIT – Motivational Speech

Read a Book This Week!

Let’s talk: How many books have your read this year? Not how many you bought, how many have you read and finished?

How to Beat Procrastination – Are You Making This Vital Mistake Trying To Overcome Procrastination?

You don’t need me to tell you that procrastination is one of the biggest creativity killers there is. But did you realise that most of us never get close to overcoming procrastination because we make one vital mistake in our approach? Read on to find what it is, and to find an alternative approach that actually works…

Top Ways To Motivate Yourself

Being motivated is a huge problem as most people know what they have to do but they are hampered by their brains inability to organize effectively and get things on the right track to get things done.

Excusinator 4000 Proven Treatment For Excuse-ology

Even though a very effective treatment (a topical cream to be rubbed on the head of Excuse-ology patients) was developed in the late seventies, unfortunately it proved to make little impact as: 1) Most sufferers wouldn’t acknowledge that they needed treatment and 2) They always found an excuse to avoid using the medication.

Getting In Gear with the Use of Fear – Advise for the Procrastinator

We all struggle with meeting deadlines. Here are a few simple tips on how to get motivated to exceed your deadline expectations.

No Point In Waiting Til The Eleventh Hour If You Only Live Til Half Past Ten

Noah and the building of the Ark confront us with serious spiritual moral and ethical issues. Choices have to be made. Truths have to be faced. Opportunities have to be taken. We may never again be given such a chance.

Free Your Mind!

Everything starts from the human mind. The human always think first before they act. Do not underestimate your mind power.

You can’t get to the fridge if you don’t get off the couch

Momentum is that irresistible force that keeps us doing what we need to do and moving in the right direction, irrespective of how we’re ‘feeling’ on a given day. The greater the momentum we create… the greater our chance of success.

Make Your Haters Your Motivators

The greatest among us live on a mission, committed to getting better every day despite or, better yet, because of all the challenges they will face. We often must play the game of life before hostile crowds. In these cases, you need to be able to make your haters your motivators.

Saturn’s Transit And Its Effect On Your Life

If you life has been filled with ongoing stress, depression, emotional swings or if it has seemed like the world is falling apart around you, then please read on. During the course of the past couple of years, in particular, life hasn’t been very fun for many of us. I’ll bet for some, donating a kidney or giving birth would be a welcome alternative if we would be guaranteed that the ongoing craziness in our lives would end.

A Devastating Insight Into The Relationship And Lack Of Friendship Between Brothers

Two brothers, Cain and Abel, behaving as brothers ought not to behave, but what a revelation regarding human nature in the raw. There are lessons here which could help prevent much sibling rivalry. If the lessons are not learned, the consequences are tragic.

Stop Your Bad Habit

Bad habits can be controlled. With a little know how and self control it can be done successfully.

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